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Much more than an Executive Coach…

I am Matthew Brackett. As a global leadership coach, I help you integrate your personal and professional life to achieve the performance and success you desire and deserve.

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Sound Familiar?

  • You have grown into new leadership roles without the necessary tools and accompaniment.
  • Your priorities are paying a high price at the altar of success.
  • You care about family and your work; both seem to suffer.
  • You are in leadership role, leading across cultures and boundaries and want to navigate this new role better.
  • You want to bring your A-game to life and leadership, but something is in the way.
  • You want to safeguard your ethical compass amidst the tensions of competing interests.
  • You experience loneliness at the top as you manage valuable assets and navigate complex decisions.
  • Crisis is knocking or already visiting; you want to transform it into an opportunity and advantage.


           If any of this resonates, let’s talk and help you succeed.


“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” – John Maxwell

About Matthew Brackett

Healthy leadership is life-giving.
Broken leadership can be very destructive.

You may have experienced both healthy and broken leadership at some point in your journey. Now it is your turn to set that standard, and choose to live in abundance and provide abundance to those you influence.

I’m Matthew Brackett, a global leadership coach. I’m passionate about positive leadership and influence. My dream is to use my gifts, experience and knowledge to touch and transform lives through Leadership.

I have 30+ years of experience in leadership positions and leadership development in six countries, across languages and multiple cultures.  I also served as a special Staff Officer and Chaplain in the United States Navy alongside both Sailors and Marines.  Thanks to these experiences, I have gained extensive knowledge and insight into working with diverse communities and leaders worldwide.

Some clients include leaders from Bimbo Bakeries, AstraZeneca, Unilever, General Mills, Coca Cola, Citizens Bank, General Mills, Baylor University and others.

Educational Background

  • M.P.S., Psychology of Leadership, Pennsylvania State University 
  • M.A., Human Development for Mission, Pontifical Gregorian University, Italy 
  • M.A., Spiritual Theology, Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum, Italy 
  • B.A., Philosophy, Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum, Italy 
  • Postgraduate, Counseling, Family and Education, Los Andes University, Chile


      • Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation 
      • Certified Maxwell Leadership Speaker 
      • Certified Diversity Executive, Institute of Diversity 
      • Certified Results Accelerator and Results Roadmap Facilitator 
      • Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

      Making a Difference

      “Matthew Brackett is quite possibly the most amazing and skilled advisor I have ever come across in my 30 years of service. He is able to anticipate places where a leader might be conflicted and provide sage advice and wise counsel. Matthew is a must for any successful or aspiring leader, manager or forward-looking team, company or organization.”

      J. S.

      Col., U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

      As the CEO of a global organization, I have firsthand experience of Matthew’s expertise in leadership coaching, consulting, and education. He has a natural ability to connect with people, build trust, inspire, offer valuable insights and strategies. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership abilities and drive positive change in any area of their life.

      E. G.

      Global CEO

      Matthew’s coaching method and style, close accompaniment, understanding heart, listening ear, insightful perspective, deep knowledge of life and leadership were invaluable. I clarified my vision, my values, my identity, my priorities and a clear roadmap to success. This positively impacted my most important personal and professional plans and relationships.

      María Eugenia

      CEO, Mexico City

      Matthew has an extensive skill set as well as a wealth of practical experience as a coach, counselor, and personal advisor. I personally have grown as an individual through my association with Matthew, and recommend him enthusiastically to both individuals and organizations in pursuit of enhanced self-awareness and improvement.

      L. Walker

      Former Senior Executive, Department of Defense

      Taking the Next Step is Easy

      1. Choose your preferred coaching option

      2. We’ll have a confidential call to discuss your needs and schedule

      3. Reap the benefits of clarity and direction in your leadership

        Personalized Leadership Coaching

        3 Months

        Leadership Coaching, Mentorship, Consulting Engagement:

        $3,997 USD 

        6 Months

        Leadership Coaching, Mentorship, Consulting Engagement:

        $5,997 USD 

        What is it? 

        • The Energy Leadership(TM) Index* (ELI) is a proprietary, research-backed attitudinal assessment tool, that converts our internal energy and how we show up into a tangible metric.
        • The ELI takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.  As an ELI-Master Practitioner, I will meet twice with you for a debrief and to plan how to apply the insights to your life and reality.

        Cost: $497 USD 

        What do I get?

        • The Energy Leadership (TM) Index Assessment is one of the assessments that Forbes recommends for all senior Leaders.
        • You will experience profound and practical insights you can use to reshape your worldview and transform your life into the ideal one you envision.

        Three Easy Steps:

        • 1. Take the Assessment
        • 2. Initial Debrief Session (75 min.)
        • 3. Action Plan Session (75 min.)

        What is it? 

        • Based on the powerful, brain-based Results System™ model, the program creates profound self-awareness, actionable insights and accelerates progress towards your goals.
        • Armed with this powerful data, you can operate at your peak, positively influence your inner circles and care for your priorities.

        Cost: $1,497 USD

        What do I get?

        • Enhanced Clarity of core identity, values, needs and vision.
        • Greater understanding of your core authenticity.
        • Improved alignment with your identity and authenticity.
        • Increased self-confidence.
        • Create actionable insights.
        • Accelerate progress towards desired results.

        Four 75 min. Sessions covering:

        • Core Values
        • Core Authentic Self
        • Core Needs
        • Core Patterns

        What is it?

        • Including the Results Accelerator experience, we will then map out your critical path to success by visually identifying what will get you there and what stands in the way. Clarity is priceless.
        • Armed with this powerful plan, results will become a reality, you will operate at your peak, positively influence your inner circles and care for your priorities.

        Cost: $1,997 USD

        What do I get?

        • Everything in the Results Accelerator, plus:
        • A strategic personalized action plan
        • Clarity of goals and results
        • Acknowledgment of roadblocks
        • A methodology for mapping out success

        Six 75 min. Sessions covering:

        • Core Values
        • Core Authentic Self
        • Core Needs
        • Core Patterns
        • Success Roadmap

        VIP Personalized Intensive Leadership Development Experience

        • Two-Day personalized in-person VIP Leadership Coaching experience
        • At a location determined by you.
        • Call to tailor to your needs.

        Your Investment:

        $4,997 USD

        Relationship Coaching

        What is it? 

        • A tailored coaching journey for you and your spouse, fiancé or partner using the most sophisticated relationship assessments available in the market and an experienced coach/facilitator.

        How long is it?

        • Six 75 minute sessions, renewable on demand.

        What’s my investment?

        • $1,997 USD

        What will it give me?

        • Newfound knowledge about yourselves
        • A clarified vision for your relationship
        • Awareness of our strengths
        • A refreshed connection
        • Enhanced relationship skills
        • Loving better and living better

        Choose An Option

        Book Me as a Leadership Speaker

        Speaking Engagements

        Always here if you need it

        My passion is helping leaders lead better, love better, and ultimately live better, seeing you and your people grow and win together. 

        Let’s talk and explore what we can accomplish together.

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